Welcome to Roffa RestoBar. A relaxed resto-bbq-bar in Rotterdam Noord. You can visit us all day for brunch, lunch, drinks, dinner and good music. Or just for a cup of coffee or – like we say in Rotterdam – to have a “bakkie pleur”. Since we are, after all, from Rotterdam.


At Roffa RestoBar bbq is what we live for. Not just the bbq and smoker we had specially build for our open kitchen, but also the lively atmosphere that is famous for bbq. That’s why we do shared dining & drinking. Whether it’s just the two of you or a group.

We are inspired by Texas bbq and the modern Latin-American kitchen. We serve typical Texas bbq-style meat dishes, but we also serve Latin-American dishes for those who like colourful veggie-dishes and fresh fish. After all, these belong to a good bbq too. Just like a smashing cocktail and an ice cold beer.


Most of us know us from Roffa Streetfoodbar in the Scheepvaartkwartier. Founded by Hilbert Munnik, a butcher’s son from Rotterdam who grew up surrounded by family knowing what good bbq actually is. A roundtrip in Texas and Latin-America and getting to know cultures where food plays a big (social) role, created the idea for Roffa RestoBar.


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